Jane Harris grew up and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. "A contrasting city inhabiting a numberous variety of inviduals, which make the place so vivid", she says. Colors, a major theme in her work, she says not to be always easy, but they'd give a painting its liveliness. Having painted a lot with dark colors in former times, Jane now tries to focus on the brighter ones. In order to harmonize with her expressive painting style, she watches out that the acrylics are combined in a clear rythm. At the beginning of an image Jane starts out with a figure and subsequently lets its surrounding and structure develope by the application of multiple layers. She likes to alternate between periods of slow an fast brushwork same as to destruct spots at specific points of inconvenient states of a picture. "Failure is part of the game", Jane underlines, "as well as coincidence, a nice accompaniment which is worth listening to". Jane has experimented with several motifs, mostly humans, and found the woman and newly robots to be creatures she wants to continue working with.

Photo: Henry Truelove